Streamline reviews to boost efficiency and produce better results

The Citroh platform streamlines reviews by: (1) making it easy to capture and organize ideas; and (2) simplifying your deal review process through workflow standardization.

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Tame complexity with deal notes

Good collaboration can be impossible with conventional word processing tools, which force reviewers to wedge their commentary into cramped document margins, like so: 

Toss into the mix the feedback that’s communicated through other channels — like email, chat, or additional documents — and you can have a tangled mess on your hands. Compare the crisp, centralized workspace of Citroh deal notes: 

Deal notes let you cut through all the noise so you can focus on what’s important.  It lays the relevant information out in cleanly designed, well-organized spaces so you can spend more time building value and less time managing information and communications.

Ignite ideas in a flash

Opening a new deal note while reviewing a draft is fast and easy, letting you capture those fleeting insights in the moment. Opening a deal note also instantly enables other reviewers to start weighing in. In no time, key stakeholders and advisors have rolled up their collective sleeves to chart a path forward. 

Master your information

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Unlike the static margin comments contained in a Word or Google Doc file, deal notes are sortable. This capability lets you find information quickly. Imagine being able to compile a material issues list or group like issues together with a single click.

Sorting also comes in handy for organizing work.  For example, sorting lets you easily isolate  technical drafting issues, letting drafters develop a fix while the broader team wrestles with substantive issues. Executing parallel workstreams can accelerate the pace of reviews.

Standardize for efficiency

For many organizations, deal reviews are like snowflakes — each one is unique. Idiosyncratic processes can slow teams down. The Citroh workflow makes the review process repeatable and predictable, enabling teams to work at peak efficiency. Process standardization also supports the development of best practices so that your organization can continuously improve its deal-making capabilities.

Charge ahead with pace and purpose

With legacy tools, coordination on review projects often occurs across emails, chat and text communications channels, making it easy to lose track of where things stand. By putting teams, information and communication under a single roof, Citroh helps get everyone on the same page for increased productivity. Visual charts and graphs provide additional context to help everyone see progress and stay on track.


Be a dealmaker

Turn your team into a lean, mean dealmaking machine.