Better tools, better results

Using the right tools for the job is important, whether you’re a carpenter or a transaction professional.  Today’s transaction professionals need a solution that makes collaboration on deal reviews easy and intuitive. Citroh delivers with a suite of productivity features that help virtual deal teams get the job done right.

Galvanize teams with deal notes

Deal notes are workspaces designed for serious issue-crunching. Reviewers can easily open a new note to address an issue or add to an existing note. Each deal note becomes a laser-focused forum where your reviewers hash out the subject issue together.  By uniting interested stakeholders, deal notes drive team cohesion and help craft the best possible terms.

Get a handle on risk

Getting your arms around risk is an integral part of building great transactions. The Citroh risk rating tool makes risk assessment simple and intuitive. With easy-to-use slider controls, reviewers can quickly record and share individual assessments.  You can view risk assessments on an issue-by-issue basis or in the aggregate.

Take a step back with visual summaries

Issue reports and visual summaries provide different views of your transaction feedback.  Armed with real-time situational awareness, deal teams can move at full pace. The big picture perspective also informs strategic thinking.

Structured workflow

The best tools in the world won’t do you much good if your process stinks. Citroh gives reviewers a consistent framework for conducting deal reviews. The workflow intuitively guides reviewers through the review process, from articulating concerns, to identifying risks, to brainstorming potential solutions, to making decisions. Along the way, contextually relevant prompts elicit a robust set of information for quicker, better decisions.


Be a dealmaker

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