Dealmakers' dilemma

Nothing kills momentum in deal reviews like confusion. It saps teams of vitality and focus. Yet confusion among deal teams is on the rise with growing numbers of remote workers, the proliferation of communications channels, and the fragmentation of information systems.  

Deal rooms -- a new way of collaborating

Deal rooms bring people, process and information together online, eliminating needless confusion.  They equip teams with the tools and information they need to review, analyze, interact, track progress, share feedback, and make decisions together, from anywhere at any time.  No more worrying about important information being buried in email or scattered across different information systems.

Tight-knit teams drive results

A central place for information and work builds healthy team engagement.  Deal rooms keep teams on the same page, preserving the natural sense of urgency of deal reviews.  Drafts get turned quicker and teams are able to play their A-game.  Smarter, faster deal-making may be the single biggest thing you can do to achieve your organization’s goals.

Edit-Free Zone

Citroh is all about collaboration and leaves document editing to conventional word processing software.  We’ve purposefully decoupled the editing and deliberative processes because they tend to get in the way of one another. When they’re combined, teams get side-tracked with word-smithing before they’ve come to grips with the underlying issues. Freeing teams from the editing environment lets them focus on the concepts first.  It also declutters the workspace of unnecessary distractions. 


Be a dealmaker

Leverage the full power of your teams.