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Citroh empowers dealmakers to pull it all together for outsized results.


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Built to let deal teams collaborate seamlessly

Deal rooms are workspaces custom-made for dealmakers.  They connect teams with essential tools and information.  A virtual home for deal teams has game-changing benefits:


From great ideas to

Deal-centric tools empower cross-functional teams to build transactions that deliver more value. 

Analyze & Solve Together

Citroh deal notes provide a dedicated space for raising concerns, sharing ideas and developing solutions together.

Manage Risk

An intuitive rating system lets your team gauge contract risks for developing smart solutions.

Unlock Insights

Visual summaries of real-time transaction data provide actionable insights and help everyone stay on the same page.

Work In Sync

A structured workflow helps elicits the best of your team's collective brain power.


Simplify reviews

Citroh keeps teams organized and streamlines contract reviews, making more time for higher-value work — like brainstorming, solving tough issues . . . or planning the next closing dinner. 🙂 


A deal review platform for enterprises

Robust technology + deal-centric design = breakthrough transactions.

Data visualization

Visual summaries of transaction data deliver potent insights and increase situational awareness.

Enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure

High availability server infrastructure for virtually constant reliability. Regular backups for insurance.

World-class security

We've invested in cutting-edge security because trust in data integrity and protection is critical.


Personalized dashboards keep everyone on track.

Smooth onboarding

No plug-ins or software to worry about. Setup is simple and an account manager can help get you on your way.

Support 24/7

Citroh representatives are available when you need assistance.


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